Fulton family sees damage from storms

Severe thunderstorms swept Missouri Saturday night, leaving some without power and fallen trees.

Chad Ellis said finding his fishing boat underneath a fallen tree Sunday morning was not exactly the Father's Day greeting he had hoped for. Storms swept many parts of Missouri Saturday night, and Ellis' neighborhood felt much of it.

"It can be fixed," he said about his fishing boat. "No damage to the house. Everybody's okay, and that's what matters."

Ellis said he saw powerful winds causing trees to sway back and forth outside his Fulton home Saturday night. At that point, he decided to take his wife and daughter in the basement to ride out the storms.

"I saw the trees start moving and shaking," he said. "The wind was getting stronger and stronger and not letting up."

Ellis said it was raining very hard, but the wind concerned him most. He said the home's lights flickered from time to time, but they never lost power completely.

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