Fulton family loses everything in fire

This will be the first time that the Strawn family children will see where they, just weeks ago, lived and played.

"I mean, my kids, they're not dumb, they understand things. For them to be told something is a different story than to be shown that this is what is here, and you can't have it back."

Christina Strawn received a call on that Tuesday night saying that her family's trailer home was on fire.

This happened just after she lost her job, and since this then she's had to take care of one of kids that got sick.

"They say it comes in threes, but ....I don't know what I did to anybody to deserve this."

Callaway County deputies are saying that this fire wasn't an accident, which Christina says is the last thing she needs to hear right now.

"To just see it all hurts. Knowing that things that are in there, can't be replaced."