From LA to NY: Walking across America

Timm Smith passed through mid-Missouri Tuesday, headed toward St. Louis.

Timm Smith has been walking every day since February 1.

The 57-year-old retired from his desk job in California and set out the very next day for a walk across the country: an item on his bucket list.

"I tell people my dream job is to be a cart jockey at a Walmart because I get to be outdoors,â?? said Smith. â??It's physical labor, I get to help little old ladiesâ?¦ what could be better?"

Smith passed through mid-Missouri Tuesday, headed toward St. Louis. He'll complete his 3,000th mile in the Show-Me State.

So what motivates him to make such a long journey? Seven years ago, Smith was treated for prostate cancer. Smith says he canâ??t sit still for more than five minutes, so being in the hospital was difficult for him.

â??It's like, when I get out of here Iâ??m gonna do this thing, because right now I can't even put one foot in front of the other,â?? recalled Smith.

Smith's family has been very supportive throughout his journey. They even fly out at times to drive with him... dropping him off and picking him up at the end of the day. Although Smith has a vehicle that accompanies him, he sometimes gets caught in not-so-ideal weather conditions.

"I had a 20-year-old girl pick me up,â?? said Smith. â??I'm thinking, that's kind of dangerous. I wouldn't want my daughter picking me up. But she picked me up, she said 'you're gonna get dumped on here' and took me about three quarters of a mile to my vehicle."

Smithâ??s plans after reaching his final destination? A vacation to Florida before driving back home to Sacramento.

"I don't really have too many down days,â?? said Smith. â??It's mostly upbeat and you never know what's around the next cornerâ?¦that's really the key. I'm just having a great time with this."

Smith has been detailing every part of his trip on a blog.

The food he's most looking forward to in mid-Missouri? Chipotle.