Frigid weather drives people indoors

Outdoor furniture sits empty on High Street.

Below freezing temperatures forced many mid-Missourians indoors this week.

So while downtown foot traffic is low, Jimmy Johns on High Street in Jefferson City says deliveries have doubled or tripled.

"When it's that cold, that windy, that's snowy, people traditionally don't want to go out and walk around so of course they call us for deliveries and that's what we're here for. We'll get 70, 80 deliveries come in within the first hour," Jimmy Johns manager and co-owner John Doyen said.

"Hectic. It's been cold, busy. I've had two or three deliveries at a time, usually it's just like one," delivery driver Homer Cavitte said.

The influx of delivery orders make for an overall increase in business.

But becoming sedentary indoors during the winter months can have a negative impact on the body.

"Loss of muscle tone, the improvements that we see with HDL cholesterol...we just don't want to lose ground on the positive health benefits that were gained over warmer months," Dr. Sarah Gordon, a pediatrician at Jefferson City Medical Group said.

To keep kids active during the winter, Dr. Gordon recommends parents seek local resources like YMCA's and Parks and Rec to find activities like ice skating and winter sports leagues.

You can also think outside the box for activities the whole family can enjoy.

"I know one of my kids favorite things when they were very small would be that we would have family camp outs...just in the family room during the winter months on a weekend night. And you can do scavenger hunts in the house and pretend hikes in the house. I think that there's a lot you can do just being creative," Dr. Gordon said.