Friends react to Ivy Bend murders

Wayne and Mable Wells were well known throughout the small lake community. They retired there from Kansas City several years ago.

Ivy Bend is primarily a retirement haven, and after talking to people there Wednesday, we found that it's a place where your neighbors and friends are more like family.

Charlotte Gaden knew the Wellses. She said, "Everybody loved them, they wouldn't hurt anybody."

Wednesday evening at the Sna-Fu 2 Restaurant, the regulars were still in shock over the recent murders of the couple.

They said Ivy Bend just isn't the kind of place where this type of thing happens.

Diana Jones said, "For the most part it's all good people, it's mainly a retirement community."

Charlotte Gaden told us it's a great place to live and the people are great, "Very friendly, very helpful, friend helps friend, neighbor does errands for neighbor."

Norman King said the victims were friendly people, and good customers.

He said they were active in the community and their church.

He added, "They were super nice people, they came in about once a week or every other week and they had for years."

King said the Sna Fu is like the Ivy Bend community - everybody knows everybody - but the past couple of years things have been changing around town

"Here of late, we have these people who are on dope and meth and anything else they can get away with, and the law can't do nothing with them," King said.

He said with that sense of insecurity, some are changing their habits, and their small community is getting a bad reputation, something nobody wants to happen.