Friend of murdered Harrisburg man speaks out

It has been almost a week since a family member found a Harrisburg man shot to death in his basement.Police haven't named suspects and information about the investigation is scarce.KRCG's Daniel Winn talked one of the victim's friends who is hoping to help the case along. "I just miss him, and I want to help catch his killer", Bill Spires said. He was a friend of Jon Spurling's for more than ten years.Last week when Spurling was found dead at his home in Howard County he said he was devastated, "He was a really good family man, he loved his son Zach, he attended church regularly, he was just a really good guy.I couldn't imagine why somebody would want to kill him." Now, Spires and a group of friends want to help catch a killer.Police don't have many leads and the investigation is slow going so they created a web site to raise reward money to help solve the case; We need help donating, you know the higher the reward the better people are at offering tips, no matter how big or small they are -we hope that will help out. Spires said. He said he'll remember Spurling as just a really happy guy who enjoyed life, he said friends and family are puzzled by the murder because Spurling didn't have any enemies.