Friday: WeatherCALL and NOAA Weather Radio

WeatherCall KRCG is pleased to bring state-of-the art, personal storm warning services to the Columbia " Jefferson City and Mid-Missouri area.Recent improvements in how the National Weather Service defines warning areas have resulted in significantly higher accuracy and smaller warned areas, compared to the decades-old county-wide warning method. WeatherCall system continuously monitors the National Weather Service TMs NOAA weatherwire. Using computerized mapping (GIS) the system compares a subscriber's specific location to the location of the warning area. When a severe weather warning includes your location, you will receive a phone call from our Chief Meteorologist 24 hours a day. You can also receive the warning by email with a detailed map of the threat or by SMS text messaging.NOAA Weather Radio

NOAA Weather Radio is a Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U. S. Department of Commerce. As the "Voice of the National Weather Service," it provides continuous broadcasts of the latest weather information from local National Weather Service (NWS) Offices. Weather messages are repeated every 4 to 6 minutes and are routinely updated every 1 to 3 hours, or more frequently in rapidly changing local weather. Most stations operate 24 hours daily.The regular broadcasts are specifically tailored to the weather information needs of the people within the service area of the transmitter. The typical coverage area of a transmitter is a 30 " 40 mile radius around the transmitter site. Other specialized information, such as hydrological forecasts and climatological data are also broadcast depending on the needs of the area covered.A NOAA Weather Radio is currently the only device available that can warn you of impending severe weather, or of a different type disaster, 24-hours a day. During severe weather, NWS meteorologists can interrupt the routine weather broadcasts and insert special warning messages concerning imminent threats to life and property. The meteorologist can also add special signals to warnings that will trigger "alerting" features on especially equipped receivers. A NOAA Weather Radio, when set to alert mode, will turn on automatically when it receives a warning from the NWS.NWS offices will also broadcast Civil Emergency Messages at the request of local authorities. In many states, AMBER Alerts are also broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio. it is an "All Hazard" warning system.NOAA Weather Radios are made by several manufacturers and come in a variety of types. Some also contain AM/FM receivers and can be used as clock radios. Higher end models can be set to alarm by specific area and/or a specific warning.NOAA Weather Radio currently broadcasts from over 400 FM transmitters on seven frequencies on the VHF band, ranging from 162.400 to 162.550 mega hertz (MHz) in fifty states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and Saipan. These frequencies are outside the normal AM or FM broadcast bands.

Site Name

Transmitter Name

Call Sign

Frequency (MHz)

Power (Watts)

NWS Office

St. Louis Shrewsbury KDO89 162.55 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Kansas City Independence KID77 162.55 1000 Pleasant Hill, MO Independence Newton County KJY82 162.45 1000 Springfield, MO Jamestown Prairie Home KWN55 162.425 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Alton Alton KXI35 162.5 300 Springfield, MO West Plains West Plains KXI38 162.525 300 Springfield, MO Piedmont Sanders Hollow KXI66 162.425 1000 Paducah, KY Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau KXI93 162.55 300 Paducah, KY El Dorado Springs El Dorado Springs KZZ30 162.475 1000 Springfield, MO Carrollton Carrollton KZZ34 162.45 1000 Pleasant Hill, MO Maryville Maryville KZZ37 162.425 1000 Pleasant Hill, MO Trenton Galt KZZ38 162.5 1000 Pleasant Hill, MO Clinton Shawnee Mound KZZ39 162.5 1000 Pleasant Hill, MO Branson Indian Ridge KZZ43 162.55 1000 Springfield, MO Gainesville Gainesville KZZ82 162.425 1000 Springfield, MO Cameron Cameron KZZ85 162.475 300 Pleasant Hill, MO Cassville Cassville WNG608 162.525 1000 Springfield, MO Dixon Fort Leonard Wood WNG648 162.5 1000 Springfield, MO Bellflower Montgomery County WNG728 162.45 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Bourbon Crawford County WWF75 162.525 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Summersville Summersville WWF76 162.475 1000 Springfield, MO Wardell Gideon Junction WWG47 162.525 300 Memphis, TN Doniphan Doniphan WWG48 162.45 1000 Paducah, KY Fredericktown Fredericktown WWG49 162.5 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Joplin Avilla Carthage WXJ61 162.425 1000 Springfield, MO Camdenton (OUT OF SERVICE) Osage Beach WXJ90 162.55 1000 Springfield, MO Hannibal Hannibal WXK82 162.475 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Columbia Fulton WXL45 162.4 1000 Weldon Spring, MO Springfield Fordland WXL46 162.4 1000 Springfield, MO Bloomfield Idalia WXL47 162.4 1000 Paducah, KY Kahoka Kahoka WXL99 162.45 300 Davenport, IA Lancaster Lancaster WXM36 162.55 330 Pleasant Hill, MO La Plata La Plata WXM39 162.525 330 Pleasant Hill, MO Hermitage Lake PomDeTerre WXM81 162.45 1000 Springfield, MO