Freshmen kick off their MU experience

MU's freshman class of 2014 runs through the columns on the Francis Quadrangle toward Jesse Hall Sunday evening.

Thousands of freshmen charged through MUâ??s famous columns for the annual Tiger Walk Sunday evening.

The tradition serves as MUâ??s official welcome to its incoming freshman class. It has been held every year since 1995. After running through the columns on the Francis Quadrangle toward Jesse Hall, freshmen are treated to "tiger stripe" ice cream by faculty and alumni.

Incoming journalism majors Jared Kaufman and Erin Bormett were among the initial wave through the columns. Being near the front meant they bore the brunt of the force of freshmen behind them.

â??We got crashed into the columns. My shoe almost got trampled off, but it was a good time,â?? Kaufman said.

Kaufman and Bormett said they were excited to see what they would learn in their classes this year.

â??Iâ??ve never been this far away from home for this long of a time, so itâ??s gonna be great,â?? Bormett said.

If Kaufman and Bormett graduate from MU, they will get to run the route in reverse as part of Tiger Prowl. That event happens every May and serves as an official send-off for seniors.