Frequent checks prevent tire trouble

So what should you do if your tire blows out while you're on the road?

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a flat tire caused a dump truck driver to lose control of the vehicle and cross the center line Wednesday morning in Camden County, hitting a pickup truck head-on.

One mid-Missouri tire shop owner says tire problems are usually caused by debris on the road, improper air pressure, workmanship or material flaw and age.

"If they're over six, seven, years old, that ages the rubber in the tire," Larry Boeckman, owner of Central Missouri Tire in Jefferson City, said.

"Which can cause the tire to quit adhering to the steel belts on the tire."

So what should you do if your tire blows out while you're on the road?

"It's gonna scare you. But the thing to remember is do not make a quick turn," Boeckman said.

"You don't want to slam on the brakes and do a quick stop. You want to release [the gas], maintain control of the vehicle, find a safe place for you to exit onto the shoulder, and of course change the tire out."

Boeckman also recommends knowing the warning signs that your tires may need to be changed.

"The vibration is the first telltale [sign]. The second telltale is if you're driving slow and you feel the vehicle kind of moving back and forth," Boeckman said.

Some tire issues may not be visible with a simple glance by the untrained eye, so if you're heading out on a long road trip you should get your tires checked by a professional.