Freeze Warning: Ways to protect plants

A FREEZE WARNING is in effect for all of Mid-Missouri.

The freeze warning begins at 11 PM Monday night and ends at 9 AM Tuesday morning.

Temperatures are expected to fall well below the freezing mark overnight. By Tuesday morning, expect temperatures to be back into middle 20s across much of the area.

Freezing temperatures will have a harmful impact on agriculture interests such as crops that have already been plotted as well potted plants. Here are some ways you can protect your plants from the sub freezing temperatures:

*Bring plants that are in pots or that can easily be moved inside while temperatures are below the freezing mark

*Watering plants prior to freezing temperatures can help protect them as well. Soil that is well watered will absorb more radiation from the sun. Moist soil will hold more heat after the sun goes down then dry soil will.

*Covering plants with a blanket or plastic can help keep the temperatures a few degrees higher than the actual air temperatures

Temperatures will warm into the lower 50s under sunny skies for Tuesday. Tuesday night, temperatures will stay above the freezing mark. Lows fall to the middle 30s by Wednesday morning.