Fraternal Order of Police asks Columbia Chief Ken Burton to resign

Update: Thursday, April 26th at 12:00 p.m.:

Chief Ken Burton released this statement following Wednesday's letter to the city recommending he resign.

"Based on the Anderson report, the Columbia City Manager has created a "roadmap" for the future of the Columbia Police Department. He has asked me to stay and work with him as we continue to move toward our goal of becoming the premier law enforcement agency in Missouri. There is much work to be done and the journey will not be easy, but nothing that is worthwhile ever is. My commitment to providing superior law enforcement services to our citizens and the success of the CPD is unwavering, and I intend to see it through. I greatly appreciate all of the support, feedback and even the criticisms members of the the community have shared thus far, and I hope they will continue to communicate with me about what they need and want from their police department."

Original Story:

The Columbia Fraternal Order of Police said Wednesday, Police Chief Ken Burton should resign.

In a letter to the mayor and city manager, the F.O.P said the decision came after repeated attempts to communicate with Burton to improve morale and eliminate what they call inconsistent, "wrong" practices.

Ashley Cuttle, Executive Director of the Columbia Fraternal Order of Police said, "We feel that change should have been in the making a long time prior to this and we should be seeing more results. Since the report came out the chief has continued to go on the air and make many disparaging remarks, and most of those comments hurt morale and most of those comments are misleading and untruthfulâ??.

The F.O.P's letter said Chief Burton is taking the department in the wrong direction.

It also questions the chief's integrity and morality; and says he must leave his command post.

The police department isn't commenting on the matter.