Former Mizzou football star responds to ESPN report

Old wounds reopened for Derrick Washington after ESPN's Outside the Lines report publicly exposed his alleged involvement in two separate assaults. In an attempt to show Missouri's failure to follow Title IX guidelines, ESPN revealed police reports of Washington being accused of sexual assault in 2008 and for punching a woman in the face in 2010.

â??Honestly I donâ??t think this thing was about Title IX, I think it was about Derrick Washington," said the Former Mizzou running back. "After all that came up, no one was worried about Title IX, everyone was worried about what I was doing.â??

Washington says he feels he didn't get to tell his side of the story.

â??I was never contacted. They talked to my parents and they contacted my lawyer. it was frustrating at first to know that stuff from six years ago was coming back up. That upset me more, some of the stuff that was said wasnâ??t true especially with showing the female's side and not my side of the story, it was real biased an unfair," said Washington.

In 2011, Mizzou dismissed the star running back for sexually assaulting a tutor. Washington was charged and went to jail for 90 days. Although he says he learned from his mistakes and is close to finishing a degree in hospitality management, Washington's past still haunts him.

â??I did the time for the things I was found guilty for, I did my time. Iâ??m still on probation, Iâ??m doing what Iâ??m supposed to do. Iâ??ve paid my debt to society, people should let it go and let me live my life.â??