Former Mamtek CEO still awaits bond reduction

Bruce Cole awaits bond reduction decision

Former Mamtek CEO Bruce Cole is waiting for the result of his bond reduction hearing today. Cole was arrested in September on felony charges of theft and securities fraud, and was sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for fraud.

Earlier today, court records said Associate Circuit Judge Mason Gebhardt chose to think over the issue for a few days before he makes his final decision whether or not to reduce Cole's $500,000 bond. T

he Columbia Tribune reports that Cole was making sarcastic comments during the hearing. The judge warned him to stop or else he would make an immediate decision that Cole would not be pleased with.


espite Cole's motions, the judge allowed media presence and denied Cole access to a law library because he has his own lawyer. If he is granted the bond reduction and released, Cole would return to his home in California but said he would return to Randolph county for every hearing.