Former DocX president makes plea deal for robo-signing practices case

The former president of DocX, LLC, made a plea agreement and plead guilty to one felony count each of forgery and perjury, as well as one misdemeanor count of making a false declaration.

Lorraine Brown will be sentenced to no less than two years and no ore than three years of imprisonment in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

From March to October 2009, Brown oversaw the establishment of a surrogate signing policy at DocX. Employees were signing others' names on thousands of mortgage documents, which were then notarized and filed around the nation.

DocX used similar practices before 2009, which Brown kept from client, national mortgage servicers and DocX's parent company.

A "60 Minutes" report revealed the signing practices, leading to the temporary suspension of foreclosures by several major lenders in 2010.

"DocXâ??s robo-signing practices were the worst in the country. Surrogate-signing crosses the threshold into criminal activity," Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said. "This agreement brings to justice the person most responsible for these activities and upholds the principle that when you sign your name to a legal document, it matters."

The guilty pleas of forgery and making a false declaration will be entered in Boone County, where a criminal prosecution is ongoing. The perj