Former Columbia cop faces assault charge

Rob Sanders now facing misdemeanor charge

Almost a year after the video came out of a Columbia Police officer pushing an inmate in a holding cell, that officer faces criminal charges.

Now former officer Rob Sanders, pushed inmate Ken Baker onto the concrete. Baker was arrested by police officers for outstanding warrants and resisting arrest. While he was resisting, officers sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray. Police gave KRCG a copy of the surveillance video where you see Sanders push the man into a cement wall causing his head to start bleeding. It happened on the night of August 15, 2011. Officers were in the cell because Baker wanted water to relieve the pain in his eyes from pepper spray. Thatâ??s when the conflict broke out. Officers chained Baker to the floor. He was left alone and bleeding for nearly 30 minutes.

Sanders was fired and the city settled a lawsuit with Baker for a quarter million dollars. The situation resulted in Baker spending four days in a hospital with fractured vertebrae and wounds to the back of his head.

Friday a special prosecutor filed misdemeanor third degree assault charges.

We could not reach Sanders nor the prosecutor for comment.Sanders has received support from the law enforcement community who has said the portion of video released did not accurately portray what happened in the holding cell that day.

An arraignment is scheduled for September 10th.