Foreign scammers target Jefferson City

Last week, KRCG's Crime Tracker team warned you about scams promising unclaimed property and prizes.Now, a Jefferson City couple says they were the targets of just such a scam.Luckily, they didn't fall for it, but they want you to learn from their experience. Cheryl Eveler recently got a call, the man on the other end said she won $850,000.She then handed to phone to her husband Mike, "My wife is a stroke victim and she has some speech challenges and therefore sometimes she can't say the words that she wants to say". Mike Eveler was a probation officer and felt it was a scam from the beginning.The man used high pressure tactics and did whatever it took to keep Eveler on the phone enticing him with the prize money.But a major red flag kept popping up, "In order to initiate receiving this money he requested $850 at which time I hung up the phone", Eveler said. So, the KRCG Crime Tracker Team decided to call the scammer back and talked to a very Jamaican Bill Johnson.He told us he was a partner of Publishers Clearing House, and the Eveler's had won the lottery.The so-called, Bill Johnson, said he's in West Virginia, but wants the Evelers to wire $850 to Jamaica.The man said if they wire the money to Jamaica they'll avoid paying high American taxes on their winnings.Instead they'll pay a less than one percent tax if they wire the $850 to his merchant banker.He also wanted to make sure the Evelers wouldn't tell the Western Union employees what they were doing when they went to wire the money. The man on the phone, Bill Johnson said, "you need to keep your business private and confidential because if they know for sure that you are taking care of a payment pertaining to your one percent tax charge off your 850 thousand dollars they're going to try and impede you...they want the IRS, the Federal Reserve because they know the American government are going down in a decline of revenue and everything". The man even went as far as to ask if we wanted a public award ceremony with t.v news cameras, we said we wanted a private award. In the end we were supposed to call the scammer back with a confirmation number after we wired the money to Jamaica...we didn't wire him the money but we've tried to call him back numerous times and we get a recording that says "the Magic Jack customer you're trying to reach is unavailable".