Focus on the Road: Technology helps keep you safe

In the latest Focus on the Road report, we looked at how technology can help drivers stay more focused and safe on the road.

Missouri drivers are the second-worst in the entire country. That's according to a new report by That company also said when a cell phone is involved, you're 8 times more likely to have an accident.But a local cell phone sales company is doing their part to teach responsibility when a customer buys a cell phone.Kim Heerlen, the Jefferson City Mid-America Wireless store team leader, said; We actually talk about the different apps and software that is available and all the different ways you can stay safer. So, even if it's not brought up to us, it's something we like to talk about."Blue-tooth technology is one way drivers can still talk on the phone, all while being hands free.Heislen said, "They're remarkable. They're going to leave your hands free. They're going to allow you to not even look at your phone. You can keep your eyes on the road." Also keeping your eyes on the road, technology you may not even know you have. Most smart phones these days are already equipped with technology that allows for voice activation. For even more features, there's an app for that."There is a specific app that we really love called Vlingo which you can talk into. It's going to send a test for you. It will read it back when you receive it. It'll do internet searches."These bits and pieces of technology limit distracted driving, but there is now a way to completely stop incoming calls and texts, while still keeping your phone on in case of an emergency."Phone Guard. It automatically puts the phone on hold for you. When you receive a text message, it sends a reply back letting them know that you're driving and staying safe on the road."The software runs about $30.Heislen said, This is definitely something parents would be interested in."Experts say leave any fiddling with these devices, for a stop along your drive.