Floodwaters keep mid-Mo. residents from getting to work

Water covers Highway 63 in Maries County.

Floodwaters have closed some major mid-Missouri roadways, preventing many employees from being able to get to work.

At Quaker Windows and Doors in Freeburg, human resources director Roy Rutledge says the flooding says employee absence up from the usual three percent to around 25 percent.

"Basically if you live in Gasconade County or Phelps County...unless you want to go 60 miles out of your way, you can't get there from here," Rutledge said.

With so many employees absent, production in the company is down. To make up for it, all employees are being asked to work on Friday and Saturday.

Usually, employees work 10 hours Monday-Thursday.

Those who are unable to get to work because of flood waters can take a paid day off. If they don't have any of those available, they day is excused.

The flooded roads not only prevent employees from getting to work, they also impede delivery of the final product.

"To get to Arkansas [for example] there's a lot of ways to get there but the way we would traditionally go is go down Highway 63. And we don't have that as an option right now," Rutledge said.

Despite the setbacks from the floods, Rutledge said safety comes first in the family-owned company.

"Take care of what's important, take as much time as you need, just communicate with us," he said.