Flood Watch 2011: Is Mid-Missouri in danger?

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With more rain in the forecast, the threat of flooding is growing in Missouri.

On Friday, the National Weather Service upgraded its flood predictions. Several Mississippi River towns can expect to see river levels at or just under what TMs considered major flooding. That means water could reach some houses and businesses and shut down significant roadways.

The outlook isn TMt as bleak along the Missouri River.

According to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, many mid-Missouri towns could see the river at or just above the flood stage. Others will be in a warning-type stage called the Action Stage, which is just below the Flood Stage.

Here TMs a detailed look at each mid-Missouri city NOAA provides Missouri River data for:

Glasgow: The river is at 21.35 feet Friday afternoon. By Monday morning, it TMs expected to reach a Flood Stage of 25 feet. The river is expected to quickly return to the Action Stage by Tuesday.

Boonville: The river is just below the Action Stage Friday afternoon. By Monday it TMs expected to just barely reach the Flood Stage of 21 feet. The Missouri River is expected to drop back into the Action Stage by late Monday night.

Jefferson City: The Missouri River in Jefferson City is well below the Action Stage Friday afternoon, and it TMs expected to stay that way through early next week. The river will crest at about 20 feet Monday afternoon. That TMs a foot below the Action Stage.

Chamois: The river is approaching the Action Stage Friday afternoon and will reach it by Saturday afternoon. However, the Missouri River is expected to crest below the Flood Stage late Monday into Tuesday.

Gasconade: As of Friday afternoon, the Missouri River already is in the Action Stage at 20.6 feet. It TMs expected to reach the Flood Stage by Saturday afternoon. The river is predicted to crest at nearly 23 feet Monday going into Tuesday, that TMs about 1 foot above the flood stage. The water is expected to remain in the flood stage through at least Wednesday afternoon.

Hermann: The Missouri River is right at the Action Stage as of Friday afternoon. It TMs expected to just cross into the Flood Stage Monday going into Tuesday. The River is predicted to quickly go back into the Action Stage by Tuesday afternoon and into a safe stage by Thursday afternoon.

Washington: As of Friday afternoon, the river is about 2 feet below the Action Stage. It TMs expected to crest just below the Action Stage Tuesday afternoon.

Along the Mississippi River, Hannibal, Louisiana, and Clarksville are all expected to get within inches of major flooding. Moderate flooding is projected for most of the other towns along the Mississippi.

The weather service says some parts of eastern and southern Missouri could get up to 9 inches of rain before a stalled front moves on in the middle of next week. To keep track of the storms in our area, be sure to check KRCG TMs Live WeatherLab radar for the latest storm developments.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)