Flood recovery continues in Waynesville

The mayor of this town near Ft. Leonard Wood says about 80 residents are still displaced after this week's floods.

Luge Hardman told KRCG 13 at least 47 homes were destroyed and hundreds more damaged when the Roubidoux Creek overflowed early this week. She said most of those displaced had found shelter with family and friends, with the rest finding shelter with the Red Cross.

"There's probably not a home in Waynesville that doesn't have a wet basement," she said.

On North Street, neighbors were slowly cleaning out their homes after the floodwaters receded. Sue Covert said residents on the street had banded together in the days after the flood to help each other salvage belongings and watch each other's property. Covert and other neighbors said water had come close to flooding the Waynesville Police Department across the street.

A few blocks away, Kelly Jackson said her basement filled with about three feet of water in 20 minutes after her sump pump failed. She said the water came up to the top of her deck and nearly seeped into a storm cellar door.

"If that water had come through the door, my basement would have been filled," she said.

Hardman said Waynesville was extremely grateful for all the help it has received this week, noting she had gotten messages of support from as far away as Belgium. Also among the well-wishers are residents of Moore, Okla., who are recovering from a deadly tornado this spring. Hardman said she saw a picture this morning of a sign in that town reading "Praying for Waynesville."

"Does that tell you what a great country we are or what?" she said.