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      Flash flood drives family from home

      Parts of Columbia started September with nearly 6 inches of rain in 6 hours.

      Tiffany Cummings woke up about midnight and found water on the floor of her Columbia home on West Bellview Drive. Cummings called 911 after heavy rain seeped through the walls of her basement apartment and ruined most of her belongings.

      Cummings said, â??The first thing that came to my head was, I wonder if it got my car? The second thing was I didnâ??t want to get electrocuted. The third thing was that I didnâ??t want to drown because I have a fear of water.â??

      Cummings lives with her sister who has 2 children ages 10 and 7. The American Red Cross put them up in a hotel room for one night, gave them money for food and gave them emergency supplies like toothpaste and shampoo. Cummings does not have renterâ??s insurance to help pay for the damage.

      Cummings said, â??Itâ??s very important to get renterâ??s insurance. I didnâ??t know it was that important. If you rent, get renterâ??s insurance. It will help a lot.â??

      Cummings said her landlord is trying to clean up the mess as soon as possible. She doesnâ??t know when she and her family can move back home.

      Heavy rains saturated the ground in the Columbia area. Columbia Public Works officials predict more flooding problems later this week because of soggy conditions. Flash flooding closed several Columbia roads on Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

      Columbia Public Works spokesman Steve Sapp said, â??We encourage people when ever they come upon a roadway thatâ??s flooded to turn around and not drown. Itâ??s simply not worth risking your life to try and cross a flooded roadway to save a few minutes of time.â??

      Cummings appreciates the help she got from the American Red Cross during the wet weather.

      Cummings said, â??Please donate to the Red Cross. It is very helpful. They helped me.â??

      Cummings plans to make a donation to the American Red Cross once she and her family are back on their feet.