Five heroin distributors behind bars

Jefferson City police are continuing their war on heroin.

Officers have been cracking down on the drug after a rash of heroin overdoses last year.

Since their campaign started last spring, police said more than 60 people have been arrested for various charges, including possession and distribution of drugs and possession of firearms. 34 suspects were arrested in what they called their "winter round-up".

Of those arrested, five were identified as "high level" Jefferson City area heroin distributors. Those five people are facing multiple heroin charges and are being held in the Cole county jail:

They are: 44-year-old Tracy Davis, 42-year-old Frank Collins, 42-year-old Alicia Scott, all of Jefferson City; and 32-year-old James Jackson and 39-year-old Ben Scott Jr. of St. Louis.

Authorities seized heroin, meth, crack cocaine, firearms and drug money.