Five constitutional amendments on August ballot

Voters will have the opportunity to vote on five constitutional amendments in August.

Secretary of State Jason Kander is announcing five constitutional amendments will appear on the August ballot. They will become law with majority approval.

The "right to farm" amendment will appear as amendment 1. It says the right of Missourians to engage in agricultural production and ranching practices shall not be infringed.

Amendment 5 includes a declaration that the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right.

Amendment 7 is a temporary three-quarter cent sales tax to be used solely for transportation funding for ten years.

A "veterans lottery tickets" issue, in which proceeds will go to projects and services related to veterans will appear as amendment 8.

Protection from unreasonable searches and seizures of electronic communications is the focus of Amendment 9.

The election is August 5.