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      Fireworks Sales Up from Last Year

      Fireworks stands have popped up all across Mid-Missouri as we approach the Fourth of July holiday.

      Last year's fireworks sales were bad because of extreme heat and dry conditions.

      On the average last year, Missouri fireworks stand sales were down 50 to 75%. Many fireworks dealers ended up with more leftover fireworks and less money. Bob Gerau has been in the fireworks business for 48 years in the Mid-Missouri area. Bob says he was lucky last year when his sales were down by about a third. This year is a different story as Bob predicts better sales with better weather conditions.

      Gerau said, "To me it's the color intensity. The bright colors do something to your mind, i guess. You see the bright flashes and the different types. There are just tons and tons of different types."

      Bob said the average fireworks dealers have to wait until the Fourth of July to make their first dollar of profit.

      According to Bob, weather isn't the only factor that has increased his fireworks sales this year. Bob said last year's terrible sales blew much of his competition away. Less competition means more customers at bob's fireworks stands like Kelsey Mize.

      Mize said, "I like big and loud fireworks that go big up into the sky and are really bright with a lot of colors."

      Bob said he's lasted 48 years in the fireworks business because he loves fireworks more than making money. He also loves seeing his customers get a bang out of celebrating their independence.

      When shooting fireworks, you should always have a water hose or fire extinguisher handy.