Fireworks lined up to light up July 4

The fireworks display was all set on the afternoon of July 3.

The fireworks set to create the "Red, White and Boom" spectacular at Salute to America in Jefferson City July 4 are in place and ready to fire.

Ryan Adams and his crew from Columbia-based J&M Displays set up the display on July 2 and 3 at the Capital Sand Plant, directly across the river from the State Capitol.

This is the third year J&M has been in charge of the Jefferson City fireworks. Two years ago, a drought and burn ban hindered setup, and last year rain delayed the show.

But this year, it's the opposite.

"Once in a lifetime-type weather for setting up fireworks, that's for sure!" Adams said.

Adams said it takes three-to-four months to coordinate the show. One of the most important aspects is the music.

"Try to match the tempo, the mood, with the music itself. That way you can impress the audience with the different shells and the music going together as well," Adams said.

The music also plays another key role.

"Everything's computer choreographed, so once it's all set up and we have it ready to go, we arm it, and then the radio station pushes play and then we stand at a safe distance... 300 or 400 feet away...just to make sure everything, all of the equipment is staying good, and it does it all on its own," Adams said.

The fireworks begin just after 9 p.m. July 4, accompanied by music played on NASH FM, 100.1.