Fireworks go on sale in Missouri

It's like Christmas in July.

People will spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks to celebrate Independence Day.

Today was the first day vendors could legally sell fireworks in Missouri.

There are safety concerns this year, as the fireworks season comes on the heels of an extremely dry spring.

KRCG 13's Daniel Winn spent the day asking fire officials and vendors how to deal with that.

It was all hands on deck Wednesday when high school kids from North Callaway were loading fireworks into a tent in Kingdom City.

Craig Fasel, fireworks tent manager, told us, "It is hard work for the two weeks you are open, you are constantly going 24/7".

Some of the students started at 7:30 a.m unloading hundreds of boxes, and filling the shelves.

But, with hot dry conditions expected this July should families be stocking up on things that go BANG?

"If you're going to discharge fireworks anywhere we encourage you to use extreme caution especially with the dry conditions we've experienced over the last month", Jefferson City Division Chief, Jason Turner said.

Fasel agrees, "Safety of fireworks is up to the individual, like with anything else if you're responsible with them and do what the directions say", and by following those directions you get, "Yes, a lot of bang for buck".