Firefighters brave the heat

As high temperatures continue to cover mid-Missouri, emergency responders are adapting their training to the heat.

"We will move inside during hot conditions like this and try to do inside training. Like [Thursday], we're working on our computer system," Captain Tim Young of the Jefferson City Fire Department said.

Captain Young said the firefighters had been training outdoors earlier this summer. In extreme heat, they try to do morning training so they are finished by the time the higher temperatures kick in.

But if duty calls, the firefighters have to gear up and take action.

"Imagine putting on a snow suit, and running around the block for 20 minutes in a snow suit in weather like this. It just takes it out of you," Captain Young said, describing how it feels to wear the full fire gear.

"About 20 minutes in our gear in active firefighting is all a person can do. And you're done at that point."

Fire crews send more people to battle blazes during the summer heat to give relief to first responders.

All the fire trucks have water bottles and coolers so the firefighters can stay hydrated.

Captain Young said the best way to help firefighters stay safe while they try to keep you safe is to try to prevent fires in the first place.

Keep an eye on your food while you're cooking both in the kitchen and outdoors on a grill.

Also delay outdoor burning during dry weather. If you're in doubt, don't do it at all.