Firefighter for a day

Four-year-old Kingston McGill says that firefighters are his ultimate "rescue heroes".

That's why the Jefferson City Fire Department made him a firefighter for a day.

Kingston suffers from a rare condition called vascular vein malformation, which caused a brain aneurysm two years ago. Kingston has had three surgeries on his brain in a two-and-a-half year span.

Monday morning, Kingston and his family visited the Jefferson City Fire Department. Kingston got to climb in the trucks, he was named an honorary firefighter, and even got to go for a ride.

Kingston's parents loved seeing the sheer amazement on his face as he met his heroes.

"It maeans a lot for us to come here and have this experience with him, and for the Jeff City Fire Department to open up their home, it means a lot," said Kingston's father, Jesse McGill. "It's a time we'll always remember for sure."

This year is especially precious to the McGill family because it's the first holiday season that Kingston has been home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas without any hospitalizations.

Along with the joy of being home for the holidays, today was a day that Kingston will never forget.