Firearms deer hunting season begins Saturday

Firearms deer hunting season begins Saturday.

Firearms deer hunting season in Missouri begins Saturday, and one local hunting supply shop owner says customers have been coming all day getting last minute necessities.

"Ammo, scopes...some cases even rifles," Doug Alley, owner of Ammo Alley in Hartsburg, said.

For many of those heading out on opening weekend, deer hunting is a tradition that started during their youth.

"My dad and my grandpa got me started when I was probably....I think the first time I carried a gun I was about 10, 11 years old. But I've been going out since I was about eight years old, sitting in the woods with them," Columbia resident Robert Conners said.

But hunting can also be dangerous. Both Conners and Alley had tips for staying safe while on the hunt.

"If they're gonna be in a tree stand they definitely need to harness themselves in. The worst thing they can do is think 'well I'm not gonna fall asleep...' There's a lot of times you sit in that stand and it gets pretty boring," Alley said.

"Pay attention to where you're hunting, pay attention to the boundaries, watch out for other people, know what's behind you when you shoot," Conners said.