Fire extinguisher training held in Fulton

CALLAWAY COUNTY, Mo. -- With colder weather inevitably coming our way in the next few month, a lot of people will try to keep warm by lighting up their chimney or buck stove to save on heating costs, but sometimes that can be dangerous.

That's why members of the Fulton Fire Department and the Callaway County Community emergency response team put on a free fire extinguisher training session Saturday at the Callaway County Health Department on county road 304.

Members with Callaway County C.E.R.T. say that there's more to using a fire extinguisher than just point and shoot.

"Pull the pin, aim the fire extinguisher, squeeze the trigger, and sweep, and aim at the base of the fire, and that's the way it's supposed to be done in reality,â?? said Dave Roark with Callaway County C.E.R.T. â??That way you're extinguishing the fire source."


till, Roark advises that people come out to their next fire extinguisher training course, or contact their local fire department on fire extinguisher training, so that they can get hands-on experience.