Finding work for displaced RR Donnelley employees

Faced with unemployment come October 1, around 500 RR Donnelley employees are figuring out the next step in finding a new job.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development's Employment Transition Team is in the preliminary stages of figuring out ways to place the RR Donnelley workers into alternative jobs on or before the October deadline.

The team's goal is "to transition affected workers to new jobs to avoid a lapse in employment."

The Department of Economic Development told KRCG 13 the team is working with RR Donnelley to figure out a time for an employee briefing. They are also looking to arrange a job fair.

In the mean time, some RR Donnelley employees are seeking assistance from staffing agencies.

"They come down here and then we let our clients know that they were at RR Donnelley for so long and that they qualify [for employment]," Stephanie Braggs from Exceptional Staffing Network in Jefferson City said.

Braggs said that factories are always hiring, but with such a large number affected by the Jefferson City plant's closure it may be hard to place them all.

"It's hard to accomodate all of them, even not just with us but with all of the staffing companies, all of the factories out here, it's going to be hard to accomodate everyone," Braggs said.

Still, Braggs said she thinks that there are more job opportunities in mid-Missouri right now than in the last couple of years.