Fergusonâ??s father says new prosecutor makes no difference

Ryan Fergusonâ??s father told KRCG 13 Friday night the decision to appoint a special prosecutor was a good one but makes no difference in the case.

Bill Ferguson said he felt Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight was right to ask for a special prosecutor given Knightâ??s work for then-prosecutor Kevin Crane during Ryan Fergusonâ??s trial. Knightâ??s office announced Friday afternoon that a judge had approved Knightâ??s motion to appoint a special prosecutor as the state considers whether to retry Ryan Ferguson. Assistant attorney general Susan Boresi will serve as a special prosecutor for the case. The Missouri Western District Court of Appeals vacated Fergusonâ??s conviction in the 2001 murder of Columbia Daily Tribune Sports Editor Kent Heitholt on Tuesday. In its decision, the court said the prosecution wrongly withheld evidence from Ferguson's defense team, thus rendering the verdict "not worthy of confidence."

Bill Ferguson said the facts of the case remain the same regardless of who the prosecutor is.

â??The only two witnesses have admitted they committed perjury aided and abetted by the prosecutor. There is no evidence, so it doesnâ??t make any difference who the prosecutor is, not for us,â?? he said.

Ferguson said he had spoken with his son Friday evening. He said Ryan was in good spirits.

â??Heâ??s doing as great as a person could be, considering his sentence has been vacated and heâ??s still in prison,â?? he said.

Knightâ??s office and the attorney generalâ??s office both declined requests for comment for this story. The state has until Nov. 20 to decide whether to retry Ryan Ferguson.