Ferguson talks about future one month after release

Ryan Ferguson discusses his life after prison on "CBS This Morning."

Ryan Ferguson spoke about his life outside prison on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday, nearly one month after his release.

Ferguson said it's hard not to be bitter toward those responsible for his nearly decade-long incarceration, but he and his family believe those people will eventually be held accountable.

When asked whether he discussed his case with other inmates, Ferguson said he did not.

"I just lived my life, I said 'we're here, we're all equals, let's get through whatever we're dealing with together because we're stuck in this environment.' But talking about your case is not wise in prison, and I avoided that," he said.

To cope with the opportunities missed during his incarceration, Ferguson tried to educate himself, saying he went into prison as a 19-year-old and did not want to come out that way.

He even wrote a book about fitness while behind bars.

But Ferguson says nothing can make up for the time he lost.

"There is no monetary value to 10 years of life. My whole 20's are gone, and I can't get that back. But I have a great family and we're going to move forward together and do great things tomorrow," he said.

So what's in store for Ferguson's future? He says he'd like to try a career in real estate or law. But there are obstacles he'll have to face along the way.

"It's a struggle to move forward knowing that I haven't had a proper education...and whenever people Google my name it comes up as the past decade of my life. It's very difficult to move forward in that sense, in a professional sense," he said.