Federal lawsuit in Baby Wayne case

The Baby Wayne Anderson case in Miller County is now the subject of a federal lawsuit. Anderson is the six month old who was set on fire, allegedly by his mother, Christina White. Could the abuse have been prevented? An Iberia Police officer thinks so. KRCG's Mallory McGowin has been working this story from the start and explains the latest legal action.

The plaintiff in the case is Wayne Shaw. Shaw was one of the Iberia Police officers who discovered Baby Wayne Anderson Junior and another child at Anderson's grandparents house in late June. They reported finding the children in filthy conditions and being exposed to marijuana. The grandparents, Walter and Charleana White were later charged with child endangerment. But depite the alleged problems in that home, Shaw suspected the alternative for the baby was worse.

Shaw says he lost his job with Iberia Police because he disagreed with Mayor Jack Hogue. Hogue ordered the baby to be returend to his mother. Shaw believed that "was not in the best interests of the baby." The suit says Mayor Hogue "impliedly threatened termination" if Shaw didn't do what he was told.

The children were removed from the grandparents' house, and a few weeks later, Anderson's mother, Christina White was arrested for setting the baby's crib on fire. The probable cause statement says she told police she was under stress and wanted the baby to die.

This federal suit says Mayor Hogue persuaded the city to fire Shaw on July 5th, citing an unrelated wage dispute and other factors. We spoke with Mayor Hogue on the phone Monday. He declined comment and directed us to the city's attorney. We have left messages with that attorney and will bring you that side of the story when we get it.