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      FBI Investigates Coleman Decision

      Members of Colemanâ??s family and NAACP leaders believe racial prejudice played a role in Knightâ??s decision.

      FBI agents plan to investigate a case involving a decision by Boone County Prosecutor Dan Knight.

      Knight recently decided not to press charges in the shooting death of Brandon Coleman, 25.

      Coleman was a black Columbia man who was shot by a white man who said he was trying to protect his father. Knight released a 14-page document that said Coleman was the aggressor and aimed a gun at the shooter??s father??s head.

      Coleman??s family, members of the NAACP and some members of Columbia??s black community asked Department of Justice officials to look into the case to see if the shooting was a violation of Coleman??s civil rights. Federal officials said its standard procedure to investigate when they receive a complaint. Knight sticks by his decision and said this is not an investigation of his decision but the opening of a civil rights investigation based on a request.

      Knight said, ??The shooter under the laws of the State of Missouri was acting in lawful defense of his father.??

      Members of Coleman??s family and NAACP leaders believe racial prejudice played a role in Knight??s decision.

      NAACP President Mary Ratliff said, ??The police department and the prosecutor acted as a judge and jury and this not the way the judiciary system is supposed to work in this country.??

      Shortly after the shooting, Winona Coleman-Broadus told KRCG 13 that the death of her son will not be swept under the rug. Federal investigators will now decide whether to move forward with federal charges against the shooter.