Father still hopeful years after son's disappearance

A sign offering a reward for information leading to Charlie Bell Jr. hangs on a stop sign in Harrisburg.

Nearly three years after a Harrisburg, Missouri, man disappeared, signs featuring his face remain plastered on area stop signs and light poles.

But now, Charlie Bell Jr.â??s father, Charles Bell, is taking a step to provide a future for his son's children.

Over the past week, Bell has auctioned off some of his son's possessions including a truck, a motorcycle and a boat.

"There's certain items that we kept...those special items. But the other's just stuff," Bell said.

The money will be put into a trust for his grandchildren, Bell Jr.'s children.

Bell also auctioned off his son's home on North Route E on Friday.

"With all the maintenance and upkeep of the property, and nobody living there, it's not benefiting anybody," Bell said.

"Insurance always triples or so when the house is with the insurance and the son was getting ready to sell it anyway."

But Bell says the auction does not mean they've given up hope finding his son.

"If by some miracle my son does come back, he can always replace those items," Bell said.

Charlie Bell Jr. was last seen on September 15, 2011, riding his motorcycle near Dripping Springs and Red Rock Roads. He was wearing a black and red jacket and jeans. Click here for more details.

A detective with the Boone County Sheriff's Department says they have no new information in the case but continue to take all leads seriously.