Father of 2 girls killed in Jan. fire speaks out on latest fire

The three children were found in their bedrooms and hallway.

The father of two little girls killed in a trailer fire Jan. 15, three-year-old Bailey and five-year-old Savannah Daniels, spoke-out about the latest fire that claimed the lives of three more children in Holts Summit.

Bobby Daniels, says to have another deadly fire involving children in the same town so soon is devastating.

Bobby and wife Tina Daniels say they'll never get over the pain of losing their two girls.

"The memories are so fresh still and for something like this to happen within a couple of months of what happened to," said Daniels.

Almost exactly three months after the Daniels' fire, three more young children were killed in another early morning house fire. Six-year-old Trevor Smith, four-year-old Chanse Wilkerson, and two-year-old Grace Wilkerson were trapped in their burning house.

Holts Summit Fire Chief Scott Brooks said the three did try to escape. Chanse and Grace were found in their bedrooms outside their beds. Trevor, who got the furthest, was found in the hallway in the middle of the house.

The Daniels children also became trapped. Mother Tina Daniels said their fireplace was lit because of the cold temperatures that morning. She says Bailey was playing by the fire with kindling, when she accidentally lit the entire box. The box then caught fire to some nearby newspapers, and soon the trailer was filled with smoke.

As the fire spread the two children became overwhelmed by smoke and tried to make to the back door, but didn't make it.

The Daniels' dog Zoe stayed with the girls. Tina said she was a 105 pound pit bull that was a big "sweetheart." She said Zoe would be scared of the flies on the porch and didn't like going out in the rain-but she was a significant part of the family.

"I treated Zoe like I treated the kids," said Bobby. He said sometimes there was barely enough room on the bed between the two girls and the dog.

'I personally wanna say that I am so sorry to that family.'

As Bobby reflects on his family he says he knows what the parents must be going through.

"It was devastating and I personally wanna say that I am so sorry to that family," said Daniels. "I know what they're going through. Evidently. And if there was a way that I could take all that pain and hurt away and out it inside me for them I would."

'I blame myself because I wasn't there.'

Throughout all the memories, Bobby continues to live daily with the pain of regret.

"I blame no one for what happened," said Bobby. "I blame myself because I wasn't there."

The plot the trailer sat on remains empty. By a tree, two little crosses, one decorated with purple roses, the other pink stand in memory of Bailey and Savannah. Bits of charred wood still scatter the lawn as some small bits of the Daniels' lives still lay in the grass.

As for the latest fatal fire, investigators say they may never know what sparked the fire that killed three children in Holts Summit.KRCG news has also learned that the smoke detectors did not go off.The children TMs mother says she only awoke because of loud popping sounds.Investigators are focusing on the basement, but say the home was so damaged they may never discover the source.A neighbor said he saw a fireball at the rear of the house as firefighters worked to contain the blaze. The neighbor questioned whether it was from a ruptured natural gas line.Holts Summit Fire Chief Scott Brooks says while natural gas may have fed the fire, he does not believe the gas started the fire.