Fat reduction technology growing in popularity

Zerona looks like a mini-spider and has four adjustable arms with tiny red lasers coming out of each end.

A growing number of fat reduction technologies are available in Mid-Missouri. They do not require a special diet or exercise. They are expensive and some have side effects, but these cosmetic treatments are growing in popularity. They donâ??t change muscle tone but work on the flab between the skin and the muscle. This week KRCG 13 looks at three such technologies.

Zerona, offered at Bowers Chiropractic in Columbia looks like a mini-spider. It has four adjustable arms with tiny red lasers coming out of each end. The powerful laser could damage your eyes, so patients wear eye protection, but the laser doesnâ??t make the skin hot or cold.

Dr. Kyle Bowers says it has no side effects. â??What it's doing is liquefying the fat cell so it's destroying that fat cell,â?? says Bowers. He says results should be permanent unless you put weight back on.

Vicki Purdy went through the routine of 12 treatments. While she is thin, before Zerona she was seeing her body change.

â??Suddenly your clothes not fitting and not being able to understand why,â?? says Purdy. She knew her metabolism was changing as she grew older but was not willing to accept that the change was permanent.

She says with Zerona she lost inches several inches in the waist, stomach and hips. Bowers says on average his patients lose 3-4 inches and see the results after 8-10 treatments.

While the actual 40 minute Zerona treatment is relaxing, itâ??s what patients do after the laser can be bone shaking. Dr. Bowers recommends they stand on a â??shake-machineâ?? for 20 minutes. Bowers says that helps the bodyâ??s lymphatic system process the fat cells and remove them from the body.

On sale 12 treatments go for $350, and you should do them no more than 72 hours apart. Most patients come in three times a week and Bowers say the machine is in use all hours of the day.

Zerona is recommended for fat reduction in the area from the breast to the knee, in front or back. It is not for someone with more than 50 pounds to lose or those who have had failed liposuction or prior abdominal surgeries. The treatment can cover an area equal to about two sheets of paper. Tomorrow weâ??ll look at a machine called Vanquish that claims to heat up fat cells to kill them.