Fast times at Mid-Missouri Soapbox Derby

These kids have the need for speed.

"I just kind of love speed, and the adrenaline rush of being fast.," said Thomas, a soapbox derby racer.

At the Mid-Missouri Soapbox Derby, they can satisfy their craving for fast, and do it using the most green-friendly fuel out there: gravity.

"No peddling and no motors, it's just all downhill. This is the downhill thrill."

But not so fast, this isn't just some mindless joy ride.

"We actually sneak a lot of education in on the kids. Their mission is they just want to learn how to race faster, but in doing that, they're learning about the physics that makes their car go faster."

And, some drivers came with their eyes strictly on the prize, like Sam, another derby racer.

"I heard there were big trophies."