Farm animals fight for survival in Mid-Mo heat

Turkeys pant to beat the heat

Most people are concerned about a high electric bills this summer.

But imagine the cost to cool and water hundreds of animals each day as well.

Mid-Missouri farmers are working overtime trying to protect their investment.

Kenny Brinker of Auxvasse gives his pigs all the water they'll drink, but uses even more to mist them because pigs do not sweat.

He says a water cooling cell system in the barns keeps the temperature 20 degrees lower than outside. Still, the animals won't eat as much when it's hot.

"The little baby pigs aren't affected nearly as much as the ones that are almost ready for market. which will weigh 280-300 pounds," says Brinker. "Obviously the big pregnant females, which may reach weights of 600-700 pounds, the heat's a lot harder on those animals."

Brinker tries not to disturb the animals which can add stress.

In addition to a growing water and electric bill for many large producers, their animals won't gain as much weight in the extreme heat, also cutting into future profits.