Family wakes up to find drunk stranger passed out on couch

A Maries County family found quite a surprise when they woke up Saturday morning.

The Sheriffâ??s Office tells KRCG they received a 911 call to report a young male sleeping on their couch. The family reported they did not know him.

Further investigation determined the male was a minor who was extremely intoxicated. They say he crashed his vehicle at a church and left the scene of the accident. He walked down Maries County Road 334 where he entered someoneâ??s home, where deputies say he got sick on the homeownersâ?? floor and then helped himself to items in their refrigerator before passing out on their couch.

Deputies were forced to use a Taser on the suspect to take him into custody. He was arrested and later released to his parents. The minor said the last thing he remembered was â??playing beer pong at a party.â??

â??This young man is very lucky,â?? said Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman. â??Considering he was that intoxicated and didnâ??t kill himself or someone else while he was driving is a blessing. He is also lucky the homeowners didnâ??t shoot him for unlawfully entering their house during the night time hours.â??