Family searches for hit-and-run driver

Tyler Kramer is recovering from his injuries.

A Columbia family is searching for the driver of a car that crashed into their 18-year-old son and then drove off, leaving the University of Missouri freshman in the middle of the road.

Tyler Kramer was riding his motorcycle on Creasy Springs when he saw a car approaching the Parkside Drive stop sign near Cosmo Park in Columbia.

"And he just didn't even stop. And I slammed on my brakes and I knew he was going to hit me so I kind of just laid my bike over and tried to lift up my leg and go over the hood...which I pretty much did," Tyler said.

Tyler's quick defensive move, which he learned in a Freedom of the Road class, may have saved his leg, or even his life.

As he lay motionless on the ground, he saw the car drive away.

"Is this really happening? Did he really just drive away without even checking on me?" Tyler said.

"He had to go completely in the other lane to get around me laying in the middle of the road, not even knowing if I was alright or anything. Because I wasn't moving at all, I was just kind of laying there."

Eventually, Tyler dragged himself up and, despite being dizzy and in pain, drove himself to Women's and Children's Hospital.

But first, he made a brief call to his mom, who was fishing at Little Dixie Lake.

"We're panicked," Mary Kramer said.

"We don't know where he's at, we don't know if he's laying in a ditch, in the road...So I called 911 and said 'can you ping his phone? He's been in an accident, I can't get him to respond.' Because he said he was bleeding all was terror, absolute terror."

Columbia Police met Tyler at the hospital to take a report of the incident.

Meanwhile, Mary's terror eventually turned to anger when she realized someone had driven off, leaving her son to fend for himself.

"You left this kid in the road, a car could've hit him, what if he couldn't have gotten up? That lack of compassion and irresponsibility is just very irritating," Mary said.

Tyler's injuries made it hard for him to walk for a few days, so Mary has had to drive him from class-to-class at Mizzou.

All Tyler remembers about the car is that it was a black, four-door sedan with tinted windows. But it may now have one distinguishing feature.

"The left side of the front [of the] car has to be dented pretty bad, because my bike crashed right into it," Tyler said.

If you have any information on the accident or the car involved, call Columbia Police or Crime Stoppers at (573)875-TIPS to remain anonymous.