Family marks third-generation Marine

A New Bloomfield Family is celebrating their newest member of the armed forces. On Saturday, three generations of marines came together under one roof to commemorate the family's continuing tradition.

Dalton Reuter, 20, of New Bloomfield, will ship out to Basic Training towards the end of September - the facility in California where Reuter will receive training is the same one his father and grandfather graduated from.

"I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be like, I've accepted that it's not going to be fun, but it's not supposed to be," Reuter said. "It's only three months long for a lifetime of commitment, loyalty and honor."

It's the same commitment that generations of his ancestors have made. Dalton's father was a Marine, and his grandfather before him.

"We have had someone in the armed forces all the way back to the civilian war," said Frank Livingston, Dalton's grandfather. "I've got uncles that were in Korea, World War I, World War II. If there's a fight, one of us is going to be there," Livingston said.

Reuter's family says they are proud of the decision that Dalton made - on his own.

"No one is under pressure to do it," Livingston said. "It just happened that way. We're so proud to see him join the Marines, but we didn't pressure him into it."

Dalton's mother says the Marines are like a second family, a family that her son will be a part of forever.

"It is a family. It's a very strong family," said Beth Livingston. "And now my dad, my son, and his father - those three have a bond that they could not possibly have had in a normal father, son, grandfather relationship."

Dalton says he will miss home, but that he looks forward to the future, to serving his country.

"I'm proud to serve, proud to do my time, excited for the opportunity," Reuter said. "I hope in the long run I will look back at this when I'm 40 or 50 years old and be able to smile upon it."