Families celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

Celebration in Ashland for World Down Syndrome Day has big turnout

Family and friends of children with Down Syndrome gathered at the Ashland Optimist Center this evening for a night full of fun activities.

The celebration was in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day, which falls on March 21st. The date symbolizes the third copy of the 21st chromosome that characterizes Down Syndrome in an individual.

The Central Missouri Down Syndrome Family Network provided a magician, face-painter, clowns, and DJ for kids and their families to enjoy, and to socialize. Later in the evening dinner and dancing is planned, and the event lasts until 8:00.

Kate Basi, a co-Coordinator of the Network, said the organization provides not only advice and information for parents of Down Syndrome kids, but educational and fun activities for kids to get to know other children with the syndrome.

The organization reaches out to parents of newborns with Down Syndrome by answering any question they may have and by providing them with a basket of essential items for infants, including diapers, wipes, toys, and clothing.

"We'd love everybody to be aware that Thursday is the world down syndrome day...down syndrome awareness day and that we want you to be appreciative, and make eye contact and say hello to somebody with an extra chromosome," said Basi.

You can learn more about the Central Missouri Down Syndrome Family Network by emailing the group at, or find them on their Facebook page.