Fake officer cuffs woman, steals money

Police in Centralia reported a police officer imposter incident. Officers said around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon, a woman was stopped on South Jefferson Street by an unidentified male impersonating a police officer.The impersonator cuffed the victim while he stole her money and damaged the inside of her car. The victim said she was un-cuffed and told she was getting a warning for an "equipment violation".The man's physical description is similar to the Columbia reports, but police have not confirmed the incidents are connected. The Centralia suspect is described as a white male, about 5 TM9 TM TM to 6 TM00 TM TM tall, balding reddish-brown hair and a reddish goatee.One difference between the Columbia and Centralia incidents; the impostors' car in Centralia was said to be a light colored Crown Victoria or Mercury, equipped with red and blue lights. Plus, the victim said the impersonator was wearing a blue uniform, without a badge.If you have any information about these incidents, you are urged to call Columbia Crimestoppers at 573- 875-tips or the Centralia Police Department.