Fake car crash drives message home to teens


Realistic make up helped School of the Osage students prep for what they call the "docu-drama," a fake deadly car crash with real-life rescue crews.

Osage School Resource Officer Rick Arnall organized and Osage High School officials organized the event to remind students about the dangers of both drunk driving and texting while driving on Thursday.

"Yeah, I just came up on a wreck in front of the high school," the simulated 911 call made from a student witness said. "There's like five or six people and there's blood everywhere. They're trapped in the car."

In the simulation, a driver was drinking and hit another car. The driver of a third car did not see the accident because he was texting behind the wheel. He then hit and killed the passenger in the first car.

This is the first year Arnall brought texting and driving into the accident set up, which, he said, is just as dangers as drunk driving.

Students involved hope the message reaches their fellow classmates.

"We have a lot of kids in our grade that do drink and drive and other things and I just think that they need a reality check on what actually happens," Osage senior Breanna Vann said.

Arnall said that the graphic scene of the "docu-drama" may cross the line, but will save lives.

"What's it going to take to convince the kids that living's a whole lot better than dying," Arnall said. "If I've got to cross the line a little bit and it saves their lives, who wins?"