Facebook: Should the state limit welfare cash benefits?

With the national economy seeing very little growth and unemployment reaching levels not seen in years, a lot of people are talking about putting limits on welfare. In Michigan they've done just that, the state enacted a four year lifetime limit on cash welfare benefits. Right now, in Missouri there is a five year limit for welfare cash benefits. It seems like pretty long time to be getting free tax payer money. So, we wanted to know what you thought? "Well I mean if you have a check coming in the mail every week why do you have to go out and earn it?" said Jerry Knollmeyer. Tony Warchol told us, "Not everybody needs what they're getting, I mean there should be some constraints on that." Warchol said he even knows people who are ripping off the system, "They're receiving welfare because they were hurt but the state hasn't updated the information on it and they're receiving benefits, they're not hurt anymore but they're still riding it out until somebody catches them on it. So how long is to long to get benefits? We talked to Michelle Kasak who thinks two years is enough time. She says anymore than that and the government risks sending the wrong message, "I think they're trying to help some people out but some people abuse that. I don't know that the government is giving them incentive not to work but maybe they're making it easier for them not to." Michigans new law doesn't effect families with children, and it doesn't effect other welfare benefits like medicaid or low income housing.