Experts say 'Hurricane Car' scams headed to Missouri after Harvey and Irma

Experts said mid-Missourians will fall victim to "Hurricane Car" scams as vehicles damaged by Harvey and Irma make their way across the county for sale. (MGN Online)

The Better Business Bureau said 'Hurricane Car' scams will likely make their way to mid-Missouri following Harvey and Irma.

"Something can happen in happen in Florida or Texas and we're going to see those cars in Missouri. So it's a pretty big problem. All that has to happen is a scammer buys a hurricane car, cleans it up, gives it a new coat of paint and puts it right back out on the market," Sean Spence with the Better Business Bureau said.

'Hurricane Car' scams have left victims with vehicles meant for the junkyard.

"At the lowest level it can be things like mildew and mold that can cause bad smells, make it bad for your breathing. At the other side it can mean rusty wires and other damaged insides of the car that make it a dangerous thing to drive," Spence said.

Spence said the scammer uses low prices to draw victims in.

"Hurricane cars are really great deals because they're damaged and they shouldn't ever be sold in the first place," Spence said.

Experts said the scams can happen online or in person.

"This is a problem that can happen anywhere. You really want to make sure you're checking out any used car that you get," Spence said.

The Better Business Bureau said proper research is key to avoiding the scams.

"You want to have somebody that is reputable inspect the car before you buy it. Not someone recommended by the car dealer and you really want to make sure you check it out with one of the car companies that can check the title, see where its been, find out if there could be problems," Spence said.

The Columbia BBB said no 'Hurricane Car' scams had been reported as of Wednesday, but that it's certain mid-Missourians will soon.

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