Escaped inmate arrested in Kansas

Walter Estay

The man who escaped the Howard County Jail on July 15th has been caught.

Howard County law enforcement says Walter Estay was arrested overnight in Leawood, Kansas when police pulled over the stolen car he was driving.

Last week, Howard County Sheriff Mike Neal told KRCG a chronic personnel shortage enabled Walter Estay's early-morning jailbreak.

The 21-year-old escaped the Howard County Jail a little after 1 a.m. on July 15th during a routine jail check.

When the jailer on duty went to inspect Estay's cell, Sheriff Mike Neal says Estay locked the jailer in the cell, retrieved the jailhouse keys from the control room and let himself out of the facility.

Estay's escape went unnoticed until the next jailer's shift began several hours later.

Estay will be returned to the Howard County jail once the Leawood, Kansas charges are completely investigated.