Escape rooms spark career interest from high school students

Students from Columbia Independent School find a new room at Breakout Como. This week CIS offers unique 5-day enrichment courses for students to explore career opportunities. (KRCG 13).

Columbia Independent School's (CIS) fourth annual intrasession program gave students grades 9-12 a chance to experience school in an unusual way.

Students traded in their regular coursework for a five-day enrichment program choosing from four course options: astronomy, escape rooms, documentaries and fashion.

On Monday participants in the gaming course had to work as a team to find clues, unlock secret passages, and finally, escape the room at Breakout Como.

Throughout the week these students will get to design and build their own escape room.

First-year teacher Eli Peak co-ran Astronomy 101 . A former CIS student, Peak said he's excited for his students to experience such a unique opportunity.

"I think it's great. That's what learning is all about, doing the stuff hands-on," Peak said.

"And getting to learn in a stress-free environment."

The astronomy students will visit a planetarium, stargaze, map the night, and make telescopes, all in preparation to be ready for the total solar eclipse set to hit mid Missouri come August.

"It gives us a break from what we have and it gives us a new way of learning and really i like it," CIS freshman Michael Jong added.

"Every bit of it. It's innovative. Really just brings your learning environment closer to you."

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